GeoShapes Software Corporation

Software Tools for Geophysical Exploration

A tetrahedral representation of a velocity model used for fast 3-D ray tracing.


GeoShapes Software Corporation is an organization dedicated to providing leading-edge software tools for seismic imaging and data analysis.  We provide software sales, technical consulting, and management of turn-key software projects.

Our operating philosophy is to provide these services on a very confidential basis.  We respect highly the proprietary rights of our clients; this way we can work freely with your technical ideas to develop the best innovative application for your needs.

We specialize in geophysical imaging applications involving forward and inverse acoustic and elastic wave propagation.  We also provide imaging tools related to the construction and editing of 3D computational meshes.  In fact, the name of our company reflects on some of our early work with seismic imaging that involved heavy use of computational geometry.

Tetrahedral Model